The sports industry means many different things to different people. This is truly global industry, and sports stir up deep passion within spectators and players alike in countries around the world. To facilities developers and local governments, sports are a way to build revenue from tourists and local fans. Sports are deeply ingrained In education from elementary through university levels. 3. Objectives:


Enhance the quality, accessibility and management

  • Provide good training under specialized trainer.
  • Identify talent and compete for next level
  • Promote good talent and appreciate the aesthetic qualities of sporting performance.

Provide new facilities to meet demand

  • To provide good sports practice to improve and further develop.
  • To develop physical fitness by maintain and increasing such components as spped,flexibility
  • Identify physical literacy through an acquisition of those levels of skill necessary for efficient body movement and control in sport.

To encourage and develop a sports environment

  • Make a central organization for communicating youth athletic opportunities.
  • To connect the city, school and club levels of each sports

To offer opportunities for local athletics

  • To provide a forum for youth athletics.
  • To develop an ability to observe, analyze and judge the performance of self and peers in sporting situations.
  • To develop an appreciation of the concepts of fair play, honest competitions.


Administration Management

  • Original document verification
  • Document status tracking
  • Player Waiver Tracking
  • Online Registrations
  • Roster creation and management
  • Administration Dashboard

Player Account Management

  • Individual player statistics
  • Manage your team players
  • Transfer approval process
  • Assign players to teams
  • Player ID Generate
  • Maintain Issue and Expire Date of ID.
  • Designation of Player.

Game Scheduling Management

  • Membership Management
  • Registration Management
  • Customization Packages.
  • Admin/Member Panel
  • Game Scheduling Announcements news
  • Live Score

Discipline and Injury Management

  • Periodically Fitness report generation.
  • Player wise Fitness records..
  • Fitness proof docs upload.
  • Disciplinary reports
  • Disciplinary Policy hub
  • Injury Fitness records

Human Resource Management

  • Time management system
  • Leave management system.
  • Meeting management system.
  • Shift Management system
  • Payroll management system
  • Travel management system

Finance Accounting Management

  • Accounts payable/Receivable
  • Cash Flow Management.
  • Fund Management
  • Planning and Forecasting
  • Advanced Reporting and Analysis
  • Tax Accounting
  • Bank Accounting