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CRM Software Solution - CRM Vendors, Retail CRM, Real E-State CRM

Cloud Based CRM Software - That Enables You Deliver Incredible Customer Experiences, track your customer and drive your sales growth by 100%

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Cloud Based Open Source CRM Software Provider for - Retail, Real E-State, Transport etc...

Customer Relationship Management (CRM Software) is a data analysis driven avenue focusing on managing and improving a Company or a Firm’s interaction with existing as well as prospective clients/customers and ultimately boosting sales graph. CRM Software is a necessity for the companies because it accouters them with the ordered or well-maintained knowledge of history and current status of their client’s purchasing behavior and interests in order to predict smartly analyzed future plans for them to increase business prospects. Boolment is a premier CRM software development company enabling companies of all segments with cloud-based CRM software solutions to collectively drive their business faster with tools like sales force automation, marketing and service automation, software as a service (SaaS), contact management system, data warehouse etc. and by covering all types of CRM including analytical CRM, collaborative CRM, operational CRM and strategic CRM, retail CRM, real estate CRM software, CRM call center,open CRM, cloud CRM, CRM for SME

Boolment’s “Egg in Your Beer” CRM Software benefits
  • Presentable insights for future decisions.
  • Increased business opportunities.
  • Best profile and contact management.
  • Integrated sales and marketing results.
  • Complete customer activity reports.
  • More functional database.
  • Negotiable deals.
  • High ROI.
  • 24*7 assistance.
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Boolment’s CRM Software services for Industries

We offer high-quality CRM software services for various industry types including Energy, Insurance, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Retail, and Transport industry.

Energy CRM

CRM plays a handy role in the energy sector and we help companies by enabling them to grow revenue with centralized contacts and leads, cloud database, fiscal monitoring with our advanced CRM software, increased customer satisfaction & retention, dashboard, documents management, better communication, sales management, flexible templates and mobile CRM included with our CRM services.

Retail CRM

Retail CRM is the most demanded software solution in the market and with our comprehensive CRM software for retail sector get powerful tools like cloud-based marketing, commerce and service, a point of scale, retail analytics, sales reporting, credit & debit authorization, inventory management and smart advertising to increase your sales margin.

Insurance CRM

The insurance sector has very high potential of business growth through CRM and our Insurance CRM software features give accession to cloud computing for best financial management, enhanced productivity, catalog display, effective marketing, taxation, quotes & invoices, centralized integration and advanced reporting which gives an extra edge to the industries we deal with.

Manufacturing CRM

Our Manufacturing CRM software is highly customizable for industry-specific needs with some business-friendly features like order & purchase management, assets management, sales forecast, inventory management, vendor listing, material tracking and customer activity report tracking to get higher customer retention and higher sales output.

Real Estate CRM

We give full-fledged CRM solutions for real estate businesses loaded with advanced features like lead generation & follow-up, email campaigning, inventory management, dashboard, increased sales & sales forecast, centralized database, activity reporting and automated processing for higher business opportunities.

Transport CRM

The transport sector has changed a lot since last two decades with its collaboration with computing world and is making fortunes along with overall benefits for everyone. We give smart CRM solutions with all-around cloud-based connectivity, resource acquisition, supply chain tracking, live cargo tracking, sales & marketing report, shipment security, routes & logistics management, order purchase management and analytics based reporting to our clients, so that they may run their institutions smoothly and get maximum business opportunities.

CRM Modules

CRM-Business Module

Our business CRM module includes advanced products & quotes management, order management, invoice management, invoices dematerialization, automatic delivery of invoices with electronic signature, recurring billing, payments management, reminders management and contact management.

CRM-Sales Module

Our Sales CRM module incorporate sales forecasting management, incentives commission management, opportunity management, pipeline analysis, customer management, quotes & order management and documents management system.

CRM-Customer Service Management

Our customer service CRM module includes service request, service order, contract administration, complaint management, case management, workflow & escalation management, workforce management, service planning & analytics, customer portal and self-service client area.

CRM Analytics

With functionalities such as statistics reporting, PDF reporting, dynamic statistics dashboard and decision making Business intelligence, we provide highly dependable analytics CRM module.

CRM-Marketing Module

We cater flexible marketing CRM module with campaign management, customer segmentation, lead management, E-Marketing, trade promotion management and marketing planning & analysis.

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customer relationship management ( CRM )FAQ

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an approach to manage a company's interaction with current and potential customers. It uses data analysis about customers' history with a company to improve business relationships with customers, specifically focusing on customer retention and ultimately driving sales growth.
Boolment CRM is designed as a single product with separate modules, each one helping with specialized aspects of managing your institution's relationships with customers and members, Each Departments and staff can use the appropriate modules for their task.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Modules

  1. Lead management
  2. Asset Management
  3. Contact management
  4. Company management
  5. Sales Planning
  6. Customer Portal/ Account Management
  7. Reporting & Indicators
  8. Mass Mailings
  9. Customer Management
  10. Quote management
  11. Contract management
  12. Forecast Management
  13. Product management
  14. Campaign Management
  15. Group management
  16. Event Management
  17. Task Management
  18. Opportunity management
The Boolment software is providing cloud-based on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) suite offering applications for small and midsize enterprise organization's with a focus on sales and analyze business metrics. Boolment CRM is suitable for various industry including retail CRM software, real estate CRM, energy, manufacturing, advertising, distribution. Boolment CRM solution includes email integration,lead tracking, lead management, Asset Management, company management etc.
Johnny Dark
Boolment4.9/5 based on 42 ratings and reviews

The most important features that our company is looking for is, how the leads been targeted and notified at given time period, But due to help of CRM its was extremely easy to target and use and viewing leads was simple and fast. Its the most user-friendly cloud base CRM software system. Highly recommended for small and medium-sized enterprises who are looking for affordable budget free CRM then its best suite.

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