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Android Mobile Application Development

Android Application Development Company In India

Build Secure and Robust Android Mobile Apps for Your Business

Android App Development Company In India.

Android is the most used operating system in mobile phones across the globe and almost every business aspires to operate through as many devices as possible, ranging from PC, Tablets to Mobile Phones . Boolment Software is a premier cutting edge technology based android application development company in India. We connect business enterprises with their dreams in a much better way with our motive of complete analysis & assessment of their requirements and expectations. Our team has creative, highly experienced, unsurpassable and world-beating android application developers, which investigates through every aspect and commands through a larger dimension of Android Application Programming in order to deliver highly efficient and most desirable customized Android apps.

What Boolment offers
  • Customized Android App Development
  • Understanding App Development Idea
  • State of the Art and User friendly UX/UI design
  • Pioneered Android App Programming
  • Android App testing for unblemished performance
  • Android App Conceptualization & redesigning
  • Android App testing & upkeep
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Creating Powerful Business presence
  • Android App integration with existing back-end
android app services

Our team of skilled experts, develop Android Applications that incorporates all latest and updated features for every App genre

which incorporate all latest features suited for the specific app genre.

e-commerce app development Services

Business, E-Commerce & Shopping Apps

Our team focuses on building new customized app features along with some existing ones, such as end to end functionality, escalated linking process, smart QR scan and safe & sound payment gateway and wallet for both single vendor and multi-vendor businesses.

retail fashion app development Services

Retail & Fashion Apps

Our team is capable of building and designing a platform for your flagship as well as other products in a prominent showcasing outlook with high end features such as smart search through product catalogue, AI based coupon management, crafty customer profile along with some remodeled features.

Educational App Development Services

Educational Apps

Our team is well equipped with the prerequisite knowledge of Education Industry to provide a prodigious platform using brainstorming techniques like convenient interaction between students and teachers, integration with other educational sources, vast digital library with digital bookmarking and other transfigured features.

Food Restaurant App Development Services

Travel, Food and Restaurant Apps

With the ever increasing demand of Travel and Food Industry, we offer pulpit to the business owners with informative map guides, instant & secure payment gateway, stupendous catalogue showcase, incentivize and cashback system to regular customers along with our moderated app features.

Dating & Social Media App Development Services

Dating and Social Media Apps

Social media is the lifeline of 21st century and to sustain this lifeline, we cater a reliable platform for your ideas to redefine it with world-class profile management system, exceptional connectivity between users, safe & secure account management and building new features with customer needs.

Fitness Lifestyle app development Services

Fitness and Lifestyle Apps

Our development unit bestows an unmatched platform to showcase your Fitness and Lifestyle products ranging from basic to highly tech oriented ones so as to fluently boom your business by using our ingenious App features, such as related smart search, faster payment gateway, In App purchases and customized features.

Medical App Development Services

Health Care

Nowadays people are much more health conscious than ever. So to promote this cause with your nonpareil gadgets and products, we have stupendous platforms with high end search results, online consultancy, emergency video connectivity with doctor etc. waiting for your acquisition to convert them into business trends.

Gaming, Multimedia And Music Apps

Gaming, Multimedia and Music Apps

Games, Music, theatre and other leisure has been the bedrock of human civilization and today’s world is more about leisure than anything else. And to keep up with the advanced trends of these attractions, we provide innovative dais like wide list of music and multimedia, switching between different tracks, smart stop & resume, tracks depending upon date, mood and time.

  • android camera apps

    Camera API

    Capabilities such as, Color conversion, Denoising, Per -Frame controls, Sharpening, White Balance Gain and Zero -Copy Burst/Streaming flows.

  • Android Notification

    Notification Center

    Optimized notification center including Action, Big Picture, Big Text, Custom, Push, Roll-Up notifications and notification call backs.

  • Gyroscope


    Sensible Gyroscope using Gravity, Linear Acceleration, Motion Sensing, Rotation Vector, Significant Motion and Step Countering & Step Detector tools.

  • Android TV

    Android TV Streaming

    Appealing TV features with access to Expeditious Content Discovery, Live HD TV with pause/play, Numerous HD channels, Recording and Voice Control

  • Android Wear

    Android Wear

    Brainy wear apps with cutting edge technology features such as, Emulator, Run Native Apps, Smart Watch OS, Texting and Virtual Assistant.

android app menu android app screen
  • MultiScreen Apps


    Accompanied with, Alternative Bitmaps & layouts, Density Independence, Stretchable Images, Vector Graphics and Versatile Layouts.

  • Purchasing Apps

    In-app purchasing

    Purchase potential triggering apps with Google Play Console, In-App Billing API, Play Billing Library and Play Purchase Flow.

  • Notification Features


    Notification alerts with Notification Anatomy, Compatibility, Channeling and Drawer. Along with Heads -Up and Lock Screen Notifications.

  • Video App


    Customizable video playing apps accompanied with layout having Media Controller, Media Session, Player and UI.

  • Android Microphone


    Colligating between Hardware and Software through Built in Equalizer, Communication, Condenser, Dynamic, Recorder and Studio functions.

Android Mobile Application Development Process

Step : 1


Even a concept or an idea starts with an approach to introduce something after acknowledging the inkling of amiss or what?s missing in the existing market. Developing the aftermath ideas involves critical questioning and rational thinking towards the wire-framing stage.

Step : 2


After analyzing the idea thoroughly and looking through all possible dimensions, comes the design part, where a feasible layout of the model is planned to move ahead for the further development processes.

Step : 3


Development process begins with designing a user friendly UI. Prototypes of the model are prepared with the combined agreement of developers and designers to increase the efficiency and capitalization. Expedience checking remains the top priority of the development team.

Step : 4


Although, there is always a scope of integration phase in the development process, it is primarily used after initial development of the app along with some analytics tool to keep an eye on the progress rate.

Step : 5

Beta Testing

The apps after development faces even bigger challenges like real time bugs, lags in working conditions, etc. while examined by the beta testers. The testing phase enhances the app functionality and other major parameters to boost up the performance.

Step : 6


An app is launched only after completely analyzing and rigorously checking each and every aspect in detail. After which, the API is deployed to an ascendable production environment and the app is deployed to the Google Play Store.

Step : 7

Maintenance and Technical Assistance

Improving, maintaining and sustaining the app features is even a more critical job than developing. It involves consistent monitoring of the app through back - end processes by providing necessary updates to it.

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