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Boolment Software - Privacy Policy

  • We guarantee the protection from other companies, unauthorized individuals, or any other illegal sources, of your personal information that you share with us.
  • You can visit our website and go through the content, without sharing any information.
  • Although, we require your basic information for certain pages & services, to which you’ll have to the information asked.
  • We follow the privacy policy very strictly and we shall not tolerate any law to be broken directly or in-directly by you.
  • We only use your information to cater you our latest updates, best services and new offers.
  • For further business relations, we can verify the information given by you.
  • We can use your information for our analysis, research surveys and promotional activities.
  • We will collect your domain name, email ID, Name and Phone Number at the beginning of our business deals. And we’ll also collect your credit card/debit card details at the transactional level
  • We collect your above mentioned information for analysis processes only like website usability, performance and effectiveness.
  • We use cookies for record keeping purposes and to make your experience better at our website by saving your preferences. We do not save your passwords or credit card/debit card information through cookies.
  • And to check our website’s visitors, which part he/she has visited and the amount of time you’re spending on the pages.
  • We only practice these laws to enhance our productivity and your satisfaction level.

Boolment Software - Terms and Conditions

  • Please read & accept the Terms and Conditions actively before going further with our website and services.
  • We reserve all rights to modify our Terms and Conditions at any time, without any prior notice.
  • Only we operate and control this website. Any person/organization claiming to own or control this website is fraudulent.
  • Every element on the website is our property including graphics, images, logos, designs, software, trademarks, videos, text, audio and animation. We do not allow any use of our property and strict legal actions shall be taken against the offenders.
  • You can’t copy, re-produce, re-publish, adapt, modify or alter the contents of this website with our permission.
  • You may find links to some third party websites.
  • We do not hold responsibility of any third party website, content or any other thing related to it, as they are not under our control or influence.

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