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Human Resource Management System (HRMS Software)

Manage Your Company Man Power with One and the only Best HRMS Software Solution

HRMS Software Development Company- HRMS Software Solution

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is a software application based solution to many HR functions including administration benefits, payroll system, recruitment processes, training & performance analysis and review system in a single package. HRMS becomes a necessary requirement for every industry because it manages & monitors the entire employee/staff/trainee teams & networks through a single platform and equips the industries with smooth functioning without any complication. Boolment is an ace HRMS software development company which in turn is a highly dependable source of HRMS solutions as we ply to every industry type including education, energy, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, manufacturing, real estate, retail, sports and transport industry with the plenary aspects including employee profiling, leave management, time-sheets & attendance reporting, shifts & allowances assignation, project reporting, recruitment system, induction & training system, exit approvals, compliance management, access & claim status and transfer system which majorly helps in managing the entire human resource department.

HRMS Modules

Travel Management

Boolment HRMS Solution - consists of travel management module that allows employees plan for travel and raises travel requests. Every Company has approval mechanism in place and each company has different policies on travel. Approved travel request tickets need to be booked by admin staff and employees undertake journeys. Post travel employees submit expense statement and the cycle ends with reimbursement of expenses.

Recruitment Management

HRMS software - recruitment management module is used by recruiters to manage the end to end the process of hiring new talent to their company. From the moment that a vacancy arises, recruitment management systems are used to enter all data into, from creating a job specification and getting approval, in storing candidate applications and helping to select the best candidate for the job.

Attendance Management

Boolment HRMS Software Solution consists of attendance management system to cate customized attendance policies as per your company needs with our time tracking and attendance monitoring system. Attendance management is the way you keep track of employee hours. You can have individual configurations for each attendance shift, with options to define attendance cycles, mark-in/out rules, leave deductions, and optional holidays.

Leave Management

Our HRMS Software gives an access to you and your employees to track past leave history as well current leave in balances. Leave management is one of the most critical processes in an organization. This process is made much easy and robust to handle manpower through well developed HRMS Software in India. Our HRMS Software Solution gives company's employee accurate information in form of graphical charts.

Payroll Management

Our HRMS Solution consists of the payroll module, it consists of the information about the employee salary details such as basic pay, allowances, deductions and calculates the gross pay and net pay from the given allowances and deductions. All the employees’ pay details are maintained by the HR manager. The main function of this payroll module is to maintain the employee pay information.

Performance Management

This performance module contains information about the employee’s current position in the organization. This module has the information such as employee name, employee ID, Division, workgroup, evaluation date, evaluator, and evaluation period. This module is used to monitor the employees, their work performance and the involvement of them in the organization.

HRMS Solution
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Boolment Software providing HRMS solution for various industry choose your right industry and get the best suitable HRMS solution for your business.

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Boolment providing a variety of services like - HRMS, CRM, ERP for small and medium-size enterprise ( SME ) to solve their business problem at best price in the market.


HRMS Software is able to streamline your company work process. It would lead 100% boost in your business by providing the reduction of cost and errors boosting the productivity of employees.

Boolment’s HRMS solutions for Industries

We cover all industry types including Education, Energy, Healthcare, Hospitality, Insurance, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Retail, Sports and Transport for our extensive HRMS services.

Education HRMS

Our custom-built HRMS software provides educational institutes with an encyclopedic platform for their issues related to human resource management. Our educational HRMS software include attendance management, payroll, appraisals & TDS processing, leave management, central employee database, service books, integration with ERP and simplified feedback system.

Energy HRMS

We provide spatiotemporal HRMS software for the energy sector industries by enabling them to improve HR functions with payroll management, dashboard, attendance reporting, resource assignation, performance management, assets management and transport management system.

Healthcare HRMS

Healthcare industry is one of the most complex one in terms of HR management making it impossible to function without HRMS software and we understand these complexions wisely. That’s why we deliver outstanding HRMS software solutions with policy management, patent management, health plan management and simplified administration management to all healthcare industries.

Hospitality HRMS

Hospitality industry requires highly-advanced HRMS software so as to maintain their standards in HR management too and nobody understands their needs better than us. So, we provide them cutting-edge technology in HRMS software solutions with analytics-driven automated administration management, retaining & hiring management, payroll management, performance parameters, scheduling and time & attendance monitoring.

Insurance HRMS

We facilitate insurance & banking institutions with our HRMS software that are loaded with features like comprehensive dashboard, optimized organizational structure, reduced complexities in administration, workforce management, contextual reports, analytical reports, auditing, workforce planning and ease in recruitment processes.

Manufacturing HRMS

As the manufacturing industries require a high-standard and organized HR management, we develop HRMS software of handling all of their needs through a single platform. Our HRMS solutions for manufacturing industries include centralized monitoring of employees across different locations, attendance monitoring, better communication between management and workers, training management, contractor & vendor management and leave management.

Real-Estate HRMS

We provide marvelous HRMS software solutions to the real-estate industries which includes automated workforce management, talent acquisition, centralized property allocation, compliance management, TDS management, cloud based employee records and analytics for better decision-making.

Retail HRMS

Our HRMS software solutions are highly reliable for retail sector as they are loaded with multiple cloud based functionalities such as asset management, employee self-service, leave management, payroll management and selling & purchase records which proves to be process smoothening.

Sports HRMS

We equip sports industries with our advanced HRMS software solutions to manage their entire chain of human resources through a single channel. Our sports HRMS software solution include administration management, health & injury management, player management, schedule management, fiscal management, vendor management, resource acquisition system and performance management.

Transport HRMS

It becomes really difficult for a transport industry to control and monitor its human resources as the transport industry functions when its employees move from one place to another, so monitor each and every employee, we provide cloud based HRMS solutions that include timesheet management, shift management, payroll management, resource assignation system, reimbursement management system, travel management system and transport management system.

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Boolment4.9/5 based on 42 ratings and reviews

We have had a wonderful experience since the time we began working with Boolment Software. Setting up a convenient, accurate and a cost-effective HRM software solution. However, by using Boolment HRMS we have been able to set up a user-friendly system that allows us to track performance, attendance and leaves, streamline our monthly payroll process and reduce costs and paperwork. Its also helped us a lot in recruitment process Using Boolment HRMS has not only helped make the whole process efficient but also extremely hassle-free. We are glad to be aboard

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