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Point Of Sale (POS) Software Development Company In India.

Point of Sale (POS) is the exact location and time, where a retailer calculates the amount customer has to pay for any product or service, prepares an invoice for the payment, gives payment options and receives the payment and presents payment receipts/bills in either printed form or electronically. Boolment is a major Point of Sale (POS) software development company, focused on developing advanced and customized software according to the requirement of the retailers and merchants. Boolment’s Point of Sale software features include customer data management, inventory monitoring and management, E-Commerce integration, data transparency, instant check-out system, digital payment receipts, analytical reports, shipment tracking, Payment Card Industry agreement and overall integration with ERP.

Boolment’s Point of Sale (POS) software benefits
  • Secured payment gateways integration.
  • Access to cloud based customer data.
  • Regular updates and reports.
  • Stock and employee tracking.
  • Automated software updates.
  • 360 degree sales reports.
  • Analytics driven efficiency improvement.
  • Enhanced Business cycle.
  • 24*7 Assistance.
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Our Cloud-based Point of Sale (POS) Software Solutions for various Retailers and Merchants

which incorporate all latest features suited for the specific app genre.

Super market & Departmental store POS

We develop POS software for supermarkets and departmental stores with their desired needs along with some cloud based in-built features like purchase/sales order management, customer account management, inventory management, sales report & forecasting, product categorization & organization, integration with central office and financial management.

Music Store POS

For your music store, we offer customized POS software which would be in harmony with your business and the features include smart instrument categorization, order management, ledger & vendor management, optimum business efficiency, overall integration, product information management, classes scheduling and cloud based backups.

Wholesale Point Of Sale

Wholesale POS software developed by us consists of the cloud based features like heavy transaction management, heavy inventory management, automatic accounting, staff scheduling & monitoring, items/goods tracking, multiple device platforms, integrated work stations management, auto software updates, offline mode, quick data access, analytics reporting and various marketing tools.

Thrift Store POS

We believe our contribution to the religious communities would reflect in the POS software we develop for thrift stores, featuring cloud based tender management, color variation scopes, barcode reading, customer database, vendor & donor management, employee/volunteer management, inventory monitoring, order management, loyalty score indication and email campaigning.

Restaurant, Bar & pub POS

To match the standards that customers expect from restaurants, bars and public houses, we develop POS software which would certainly ease the operational processes. Our POS software includes cloud based features like holographic menu designs, online table reservation management, KOT generation, chains & franchise management, data security, inventory control and analytics & reporting.

Grocery Store POS

Our custom-built POS software for grocery stores ensures greater operational efficiency along with some already existing cloud based features like smart inventory management, sales forecasts based on complete analysis, vendor management, offer & campaign management, cloud integration of data, uncomplicated accounting, automated maintenance, multiple terminals and statistical reports.

Pharmacy POS

We develop highly optimized POS software for the pharmacy stores, which are embedded with medicine inventory management, smart expiry alert system, home delivery section, sales forecasting, selling through multiple platforms, purchase/sale order management, prescribed drug enlisting, financial management and analytical reports.

Sporting Goods POS

Sporting goods POS software developed by us incorporate cloud based systems like stock management, stock movement tracking, inventory control, product categorization, brand enlisting separation, mobile & offline POS, experiential outlook and stock outage alerts.

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